What to do with your garden in September

The springtime always brings a refreshing feeling with all the flower bulbs and new blooms gardeners imagine seeing soon. However, gardens require year-round attention – and not just for planting and watering, either. Now that we find ourselves in the month of September, there is still a lot to be done for our green friends.

Preparing Plants for Colder Months

Young woman autumn gardening backyard planting tools housework flowerbed

Young woman autumn gardening backyard planting tools housework flowerbed

September is a time for general garden maintenance tasks that are just as vital as tasks at the beginning of the growing season. First of all, one task should be to enjoy your garden. It’s only the end of summer, there are colours and blooms everywhere, and you’re going to miss stepping out to a lush patch of fruits and vegetables. Next, there are tasks you shouldn’t forget to do, most importantly watering and feeding plants. Keeping plants well hydrated and fed means they’ll be successful until the end of their season. Bulbs will store nutrients and return fuller and happier the next spring.

The other key way to prepare plants for the winter months is to cut back, transplant, and pot many of them. Many plants like to be deadheaded. Berry bushes should be trimmed back on the old canes, the new canes tied up for the winter. Bulbs should be left to drain the energy from the dying stems. Many kinds of flowers like irises like their space, so now is the time to spread them around. Be cautious of the plants that are forming buds right now as these will stay on through the winter and open in the spring. If you want a winter harvest, considering putting plants like courgettes in a greenhouse.

Getting the Yard in Order

The month of September can be a perfect time to consider new garden features, planning now means by next spring you could have the garden of your dreams. You may consider hiring a landscaper at this point to plan out a big change to your garden. You could also consider installing new block paving in your yard, this is a great way to keep your garden up to date and starting to think about it in September gives you a time advantage.

Keeping up on your weeding is key so that the weeds don’t rob moisture from your plants. If you will be doing your lawn over in the autumn, September is the time to weed and prepare the soil. Ponds should also be tended to at this time. Clean them of debris, including algae that can be harmful to pets. Consider investing in a solar fountain that helps aerate the water in your pond. Keep water levels up, preferably by recycling rainwater.

Summer is not yet over – take advantage of these September days by preparing for next year’s harvest. At the same time, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Cheers to another great growing season.

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