Do You Have Extra Land? Great Ways To Make The Most Of Your Space

Much of the time, when you buy a property, you will have some extra land. That means that you own the land surrounding your house. Many people do nothing with the land they have. In fact, loads of people fail to realise that they own the land in the first place. Make sure that you read your property contract so that you know what the boundaries of your property are. You need to ensure that you are certain of the land you own before you do anything. Here are some great ways you can make the most of that extra space.

Landscape gardening ideas

Few people bother to make the most out of their garden space. If you have a lot of space in your garden, you can create a beautiful area. That means that you will have a space where you and your family can relax in the summer. Talk to a professional landscape gardener and tell him or her what you want. Make sure you have loads of ideas before meeting with the gardener so that you can show them just what you want.

Create an extra property

If you have a lot of space, you could consider building an extra property on your land. Many years ago, it was popular for wealthy families to have a house in their garden. They would rent these houses out to people or let their staff live in them. You can take some inspiration from that idea. Create a house outside and rent it out. Doing so will mean you have a steady stream of income.

home imp 2Extend your house

If you’d like more space in your current home, you could consider an extension. Orangeries and extensions are great ways to make your home more spacious. Make sure you choose a style that suits your house at the moment. There is nothing worse than a style that differs from the rest of your architecture. If you can tell that the extension is an extension, there is a problem. When an extension is of high quality, it will seamlessly merge into your home.

Do nothing to the land

Just because you have extra land, that doesn’t mean that you need to use it. Having extra land around your property can add loads more value to your home. Properties with land for sale in Ripon have much better values than properties without any land. Make sure that you tend to the land so that it doesn’t become messy or overgrown. Having extra land that is in great condition could be a real selling point if you ever get rid of your house.

home imp 3Sell the land

You don’t need to sell the property to sell the land around it. If you need some extra cash, you might want to put the land you own up for sale. Local investors or property developers would be more than happy to take the land off your hands. That means that you can make a quick sale and profit on the land you own. Make sure that you don’t sell land that is too close to your property. You still need a garden space, and you don’t want somebody to build another house too close to yours.

Install a swimming pool

Swimming pools are the height of modern luxury. If you have a lot of land to spare, you should get a swimming pool in your garden. A swimming pool will add loads of extra value to your home, and you will love having access to a pool whenever you want. If you get a pool, you should hire a professional to tend to it on a weekly basis. Keeping a pool clean is difficult and so getting someone to help is the best way forward.

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