Décor Tips For Your Boutique B&B

It is becoming more and more popular for British people to spend their holidays in the UK rather than venturing abroad. Some of the money that they save on flights is redistributed to their accommodation budget. They aren’t just looking for somewhere to sleep; they want a place to stay that is comfortable and luxurious and which plays a big part in their holiday experience.

So, you’ve complied with all the regulations that come with opening your home up as a B&B business. Now you are turning your focus to making it the best experience for your guests as possible. As well as the service, food and drink, the décor is crucial. Here are some basic interior design tips that will help turn your practical B&B into boutique one.

home1Paint and wallpaper

When it comes to your walls, your aim is to find something classic. If you invest in a particular bold trend, you run the risk of the décor looking dated pretty quickly. Opt for colours or patterns that are classic and simple. If you are painting, light neutrals like white, ivory and cream are versatile and always stylish, as are earthy tones like taupe, stone and sand.

For wallpaper, again stick to the simple and elegant rule if you want your rooms to be versatile and stylish. Two-tone striped and damasko patterns are excellent choices.

Wall decorations

You may think it’s all a bit plain so far, but the colours and patterns you have on your walls will provide a simple and elegant backdrop for the items that you use to dress your walls. Your wall decorations play a big part in adding interest to your rooms and for creating a theme in your B&B.

In communal areas, consider creating a feature wall of mirrors or paintings. Collect items in all different shapes, sizes and styles and either arrange them at perfect angles to each other, or the other extreme; random.home2

Bedding and towels

When you stay at a boutique hotel or B&B, you expect the bedding and towels to be soft and luxurious. Finding quality products is the key here, not fancy design. It is a good idea to source these items from reputable retail websites such as richardhaworth.co.uk that already supply to a number of good hotels and B&Bs. That way you know that you can be certain you are getting the quality you and your guests expect.


Lighting contributes to the ambience of your B&B. If you have established a theme throughout your interiors, your lighting can enhance this common style. For example, if you have gone for a ultra-modern theme, geometric style light fittings and lamp shades would look spectacular.

If in doubt, spot LED spotlights are simple and elegant and keep your ceilings looking clean. Consider adding a dimmer switch if you install this style of lighting, so you can adjust the ambience in any room easily.

Use these tips as your foundation and build on them with your individual style. We hope your boutique B&B is a success.

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