How to choose new doors for your home

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home improvementsOne way to transform your home without making huge structural changes is to choose and fit new doors. Doors aren’t items that you give that much thought until you start to look into changing them and then you realise that there’s a huge range of different styles and designs to choose from. The prices vary a great deal, too, but whatever budget you’re working with, you should be able to find doors that you like at a price that suits. You can take a look at an online supplier like to get an idea of the variety that’s out there. Interior design blogs can also be a great source of inspiration.

Things to remember when choosing new doors include:


The best choice for most homeowners is to choose doors that suit the style of the home they own. A period property requires period-style doors – and the most common style for that is the panel door. These doors are the classics, made up of stiles (vertical pieces) and rails (horizontal pieces) in solid wood. Inbetween the stiles and rails are fitted panels made of either plywood or solid wood, which fit into the stiles and rails along fitted grooves.

A newer house will probably have flush doors, which have mainly flat surfaces and are constructed with a hollow-core, where a honeycomb shape structure is surrounded by a band of solid wood and then covered with plywood, hardboard or veneer, or a solid-core, where MDF, particleboard or laminated wood panels are topped with a veneer of oak, birch or mahogany.

Today, you can find flush doors that have been overlaid with the detailing usually found on a panel door, so you need to look carefully at what you’re paying for.

Adding light to a space

One of the easiest ways to add light to a dark space is by choosing and fitting a glazed or semi-glazed door. If you tend to leave doors open, installing a glazed door won’t make that much difference, but if you like to close doors on rooms, then the right door can make a big difference. It can allow natural light to flood an otherwise shadowy room. Before you switch all your doors for glazed ones, though, think about how tidy the room behind the door is likely to be. If you like to be able to close a door on a messy room, a glazed door isn’t always the best choice.


If you live in a relatively newly-built house, then fitting a new door shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but if your house is older, door frames will have often ‘worked’ out of line over the years, so they may no longer be straight enough to hang a new door on easily. It’s often best to buy a door complete with new frame and install both at the same time. Although this may seem to be creating more work than necessary, it’s often easier than trying to make a new door fit a warped frame.

Fitting new doors isn’t the cheapest option when you want to give your home a facelift, but it can transform your home. It’s worth putting some effort into researching the different styles and models before deciding what to go with as it’s not something you want to get wrong by making a rushed choice.

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