Can You Improve Your Home With Your Smartphone

Sometimes it feels like we never look up from our smartphones. They are so convenient and useful. We can connect to all our social media accounts. Sending and receiving email has never been easier. Video calling and voice calling can be accomplished anywhere we have a signal. And we can even use them to access and edit our work documents. It makes sense that we use them for anything and everything. After all, they’re with us twenty-four hours a day.

 When it comes to our lives at home, our smartphones continue to make things easier. We can create shopping lists for the groceries that we need. It’s possible to change the channel on the TV or turn up the volume on our sound system. And some technologies speak so well to each other, that you can even flick your photo from one screen to the next. But it’s the house itself that is becoming smarter.Untitled-1

Little by little, it’s becoming easier to control the essential facilities of our homes. It is now possible to control the central heating from an app on your phone. This means you can make sure your home is toasty and warm for when you get in from work. Too hot? Simply reduce the heat by turning down the thermostat remotely. It’s not just your heating you can control from anywhere in the world.

Even your lighting can be switched on, off or dimmed without fumbling for the light switch. And managing these tasks remotely can help add some extra security at home while you are out. Smart light bulbs and smartphones have finally come together to create the perfect mood in lighting. Some bulbs are dimmable. Others can change colour. You can use light to create the perfect look anytime you want.

Some apps are so sophisticated you can use them to manage all your home improvements. There are apps that allow you to see what your room will look like with a different colour on the wall. And you don’t need to even lift a paintbrush. Colours are overlaid the live image from your camera. You can also redesign the layout of your room with apps that help you measure and map the space you have. Simply add some furniture and see if you like it. No heavy lifting required.

When it comes to gardening and landscaping, it can be really hard to visualise the best plan for layout and planting. Fortunately, there are apps to help. You research the different kinds of plants you’re looking for. Then you can use a landscaping app to help you sculpt the land in 3D views from the comfort of your sofa. Send a copy by email to your gardener, or even print it out remotely from your home office. It could be possible to project manage a building project like an extension from your phone!

 The home is a place that can be managed and improved from a smartphone. And as the apps and technologies improve, our homes will become smarter and smarter. It could change our lifestyles as well as the design of our houses.

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