5 Awesome Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Big

In many houses, the bathroom is the smallest room. You might find that your bathroom feels tiny in comparison to the rest of your home. Many people never bother to do anything about this issue. They assume that that’s there is nothing they can do to make the room feel larger than it is. Of course, you can’t make the room any bigger than it is at the moment unless you have an extension on your home. You can make it look spacious, though, and sometimes that is all that matters. If you’re sick of feeling like your bathroom is a closet, read this. Here are five awesome tips to make your bathroom look big.

1. Make the room bright and light

Light is space. The lighter a room is, the bigger it looks. If you have dim lights in the room, of course, it will look small. Install some modern light fittings that will be bright when you turn them on every time. If the bathroom has large windows, make use of them. Many people keep the blinds down all the time. They do so because they want the bathroom to be a private place. Sure, when you are showering, you can close the blind. The rest of the time, leave it open to get some light into the room.

2. Choose sleek, modern fittings

Old-fashioned bathroom fittings are bulky and take up a lot of room. Upgrade your bathroom fittings by getting sleek, modern pieces. Install an SB-1000 Futuristic Shower Bath, which takes up much less space than your average bath and shower fitting. Doing so will mean that you can make use of much more space and that you can do more with the bathroom as a whole.

3. Use a large mirror to give the illusion of space

It is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to creating space, but it works. Get a large mirror for your bathroom and put it in a prominent position. The mirror will make your bathroom look as though it is twice its actual size. If you put the mirror opposite the window in your bathroom, the room will look even more spacious than it looked in the first place. The mirror will reflect the light from outside making the room look huge.

4. Get rid of extra furniture

If you have any extra furniture in your bathroom, now is the time to throw it out. You don’t need a stool or a chest of drawers in the bathroom. Many people use the bathroom as storage for things they have no space for in the rest of the home. Doing so is illogical, as the bathroom is already a tiny room without extra miscellaneous furniture inside it. If you don’t need a certain furniture piece, don’t store it in your bathroom, sell it on eBay instead. If you are not making use of the piece, there is no point having it at all.

5. Opt for hidden storage and clean up clutter

Your bathroom likely has a lot of clutter in it. You should make sure that you have somewhere to hide that clutter away by installing hidden storage in your bathroom. Invest in storage that you can build into the walls of your bathroom. You might need to call a structural expert to help you with any tricky building projects. Once the storage is out of sight, you can clear your bathroom of all its clutter. Doing so will mean that your bathroom looks much bigger than it used to. When people enter bathrooms, their eyes are often drawn to clutter. When there’s no clutter, the room will look large.

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