5 Incredible And Affordable Improvements To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Why can’t we just leave things alone? I think that improving our surroundings is just a part of the human condition. Some people take it a bit too far and spend their lives living in constant upheaval because of improvements. Though they are striving for a better life, they make it worse because they never get to relax and enjoy what they have.

If you are thinking about improving your home, here are five incredible and affordable projects that could make it worth more than it is now.

How To Pay For It?

There are several ways to pay for the improvements. Here are my suggestions.

  • Raid your savings and pay cash for the project. You shouldn’t opt for long term repayments on loans unless you have to.
  • Take out a personal loan. If your credit history is good, you will have no problem raising the cash.
  • Add the cost of the improvements to your mortgage.
  • Many companies will offer credit for their installations. Check the APR to make sure you will not be paying too much in interest charges. When you sign on the dotted line and the job is complete, it is too late to back out.


The estate agents in Ravenshead think that a conservatory will increase the value of a home and make it easier to sell if you fit it correctly. Though an enormous structure might seem like a good idea, think about the scale in relation to the rest of the garden. If you don’t have much land, you shouldn’t build a massive one.

Go Open Plan

You might decide to remove some of the walls in your home and make it open plan, such as the one in the image. If your home feels cramped and claustrophobic, this project is a viable option. You will need to employ an architect and get permission from your mortgage lender first. You can’t start knocking supporting walls about willy-nilly, or you will get into hot water with them.

A New Bathroom

A high-quality installation will raise the value of your home. You have a golden opportunity to change things around to make the bathroom look big. Remove the shower cubicle and fit an L shaped bath instead of the standard one that you have now. It will free up valuable floor space for other things without compromising the function of the room.

A New Kitchen

There are so many stunning kitchen designs available to you it is difficult to decide which one to install. This room can make or break the sale of a house, and it is vital that you outfit it to a high standard. It is likely to cost several thousand pounds to achieve the quality you need.

A Loft Conversion

If you add extra bedrooms to the house, it will be worth more. A loft conversion is a fantastic way to do it. There is a massive space above your head, and you can make use of it. The project will be expensive and messy, but the result makes it all worthwhile. Be sure to use a professional like Avalanche Roofing before messing with any of the structure of the roof though. A small mistake by trying to do it yourself can lead to major damage, and then your potential increase in value could result in total loss of your investment.

You must do your sums accurately if you are to make a profit. Sometimes the cost of the improvements will be higher than the increase in value. Of course, if you are not going to sell, it isn’t a problem. It is ok to spend as much money as you like on a house that you intend to enjoy. Which one will you attempt first?

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